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  • Trump stands by remarks on Charlottesville: 'George Washington was a slave owner'Trump had a heated debate with reporters over the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and said there was "blame on both sides."

    Could Trump's Comments Lead To a GOP Presidential Primary?Trump's media availability drew intense criticism from the right. Former GOP Rep. David Jolly says today may be the start of a primary movement to replace Trump. He joins O'Donnell and Jarvis DeBerry to discuss Trump's long pattern of bigoted behavior.

    Danish Submarine Owner Charged With Disappearance of JournalistPeter Madsen was arrested Friday, just hours after his submarine sank and a journalist interviewing him disappeared.

    Nigeria suicide bombers kill 28, wound 82Three women suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to a camp for displaced people in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding 82, local sources said. The attack -- the latest in a string of assaults in the troubled region -- took place in the town of Mandarari, 25 kilometres (15 miles) from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, said Baba Kura, a member of a vigilante force set up to fight jihadists. "Three female bombers triggered their explosive outside of the IDP (internally displaced persons) camp... killing 28 people and wounding 82 others," Kura said.

    South African police investigate Grace Mugabe assault reportsSouth Africa's police minister ordered an investigation on Tuesday into reports that Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe had assaulted a woman in Johannesburg's up-market Sandton district over the weekend. South African media said 52-year-old Grace, a possible successor to her 93-year-old husband Robert, attacked the woman and injured in the head at a hotel in the upscale district of Sandton on Sunday night. Local media said Grace was in South Africa to have her foot examined after suffering an injury in Harare.

    White Supremacist In Charlottesville Wearing 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out... By 82nd AirborneThe 82nd Airborne Division fought several campaigns against Nazi Germany during World War II.

    A look at North Korea's past bluster and actual attacksSEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea has a long track record of issuing threats and ultimatums that don't necessary lead to action. Then again, when it does act — often without warning — it can be fatal.

    Anti-Semitic Signs In Hotel Say Jewish Guests Must Shower Before Swimming"To our Jewish guests: Please take a shower before you go swimming."

    Dizzying artwork video uses oil, paint, and soap to create otherworldly movementThese dizzying images use oil, soap and paint to create movements that feel otherworldly, and seem to psychedelically burst from their surroundings.

    What we know about the man charged in Charlottesville attack, James Alex Fields Jr.The 20-year-old man accused of driving a car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally Saturday was denied bail in court Monday morning.

    Protesters in North Carolina Tear Down Confederate StatueThe group said its actions are in response to the violence in Charlottesville

    Upcoming Total Eclipse Will Hit All of the U.S.Next week's total eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun, will be at least partially visible everywhere in the United States, but only last two minutes and 38 seconds.

    Tiki torch maker sad to see its product used at racist rallyA manufacturer of garden torches of the kind used for parties and family gatherings said it was saddened to see its products used over the weekend at a white supremacist rally in Virginia that turned violent and deadly. For many in America such torches evoke horrible memories of Ku Klux Klan events in which members of the southern-based racist group carried torches during marches, cross-burnings or lynchings of black people. On Friday evening in Charlottesville, white supremacists raised many an eyebrow by carrying Tiki torches as they marched across the campus of the University of Virginia.

    James Fields, accused driver in Charlottesville attack, appears in courtJames Alex Fields Jr is seen participating in the ‘Unite the Right’ rally before his arrest in Charlottesville. In a packed Virginia courthouse, a few hundred meters from the statue of the Confederate general Robert E Lee that led hundreds of neo-Nazis, armed militiamen and “alt-right” protesters to this small campus city over the weekend, James Alex Fields Jr made his first appearance in public since being charged with murder. The 20-year-old is accused of mowing down a crowd of anti-fascist protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a local paralegal, and injuring 19 others after 48 hours of violence in Charlottesville that has again exposed America’s fractured race relations to the world.

    Neo-Nazi group moves to 'Dark Web' after website goes downNeo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, which helped organize a gathering in Virginia on Saturday that turned violent, moved to the so-called Dark Web on Tuesday because its registration to use the open internet was revoked. GoDaddy Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google canceled Daily Stormer's Internet registration on Monday, saying the group had violated terms of service, which prohibit clients from using their sites to incite violence. Andrew Anglin, the founder of Daily Stormer, did not respond to requests for comment.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to watch ‘reckless Yankees’ a bit longer before deciding on Guam attackNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles towards the US territory of Guam, home to US air and naval bases, Pyongyang's state media said early on Tuesday morning. Mr Kim "examined the plan for a long time" and "discussed it" with commanding officers on Monday during his inspection of the command of the Strategic Force in charge of the North's missile units, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The state-run news agency said Mr Kim would watch the actions of the United States for a while longer before making a decision. "The United States, which was the first to bring numerous strategic nuclear equipment near us, should first make the right decision and show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash," Mr Kim was cited as saying. "He said that if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity, testing the self-restraint of the DPRK, the latter will make an important decision as it already declared," the report said. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits the Command of the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in an unknown location in North Korea Credit: Reuters Mr Kim's remarks would appear to bring into play the large-scale military exercises held every year by South Korea and the United States that are expected to kick off later this month. The North has always denounced the drills as provocative rehearsals for invasion and has in the past offered a moratorium on further nuclear and missile testing in exchange for their cancellation - a trade-off promoted by Pyongyang's main ally China, but repeatedly rejected by Washington and Seoul. Some analysts said the North Korean leader was seeking a similar quid-pro-quo this time around, using the Guam missile threat as leverage. "This is a direct invitation to talk reciprocal constraints on exercises and missile launches," said Adam Mount, senior fellow at the Centre for American Progress. North Korea nuclear grid Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday he agreed with President Donald Trump during a telephone call that their top priority on North Korea was to do what they could to halt its missile launches. "Through a firm partnership between Japan and the U.S. and cooperating with China, Russia and the international community we agreed that our priority was to work to ensure that North Korea doesn't launch more missiles," Mr Abe told reporter after he spoke to Trump. Mr Abe said he also praised a commitment by Mr Trump that the United States would ensure the security of U.S. allies in the region as threats from North Korea intensify. "President Trump reaffirmed that the United States stands ready to defend and respond to any threat or actions taken by North Korea against the United States or its allies, South Korea and Japan," the White House said in a statement. The standoff has sparked global alarm, with world leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping urging calm on both sides. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen being applauded at a performance in Pyongyang, in footage released on Tuesday Credit: AP South Korean President Moon Jae-In weighed in on Tuesday, saying Seoul would avoid a second Korean War at all costs. "Military action on the Korean Peninsula can only be decided by the Republic of Korea and no one may decide to take military action without the consent of the Republic of Korea," Moon said. But he added there could be no dialogue before the North halts its "nuclear and missile provocations". On Monday, James Mattis, the US defence secretary, said if North Korean missiles were considered to be a threat to Guam "then it's game on". He added: "We will try and do our best to make sure it does not hit the United States." Pyongyang's plans for the strike near Guam prompted a surge in tensions in the region last week, with President Donald Trump warning he would unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea if it threatened the US. Map: Guam in relation to North Korea  

    Iranian president threatens to revitalize nuclear programTEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's president warned Tuesday that it could ramp up its nuclear program and quickly achieve a more advanced level if the U.S. continues "threats and sanctions" against his country, which signed a landmark nuclear accord with world powers in 2015.

    Trump appears to accidentally share Twitter disThe Twitter user who called President Trump a fascist and frequently shares anti-Trump sentiment, joked Tuesday that the president “agrees with him.”

    The world's most livable cities for 2017 revealedFor the seventh year in a row, Melbourne has been named the world's most livable city, in a new list dominated by cities in Australia and Canada. Analysts at The Economist's Intelligence Unit released the 2017 edition of their Global Liveability Report, which ranks 140 cities based on their quality of life across five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. This year's list saw 44 cities get bumped or promoted on the index, be it for falling crime rates, increased terror threats, instability, or increased tourist activity.

    Argentinian Hunter Trampled And Killed By Elephant In NamibiaHe was with four other trophy hunters at the time of his death.

    The O.J. Bronco was for sale on "Pawn Stars," but didn't sellThe second Bronco was the white one that Al Cowlings used to drive O.J. on that dramatic slow-speed highway chase. Originally owned by Cowlings, the Bronco was sold to O.J.'s manager Mike Gilbert. Now Gilbert is ready to part with the Bronco and he wants to see if the "Pawn Stars" will pony up his asking price.

    College GOP groups condemn Charlottesville rally amid outcry over state leader’s attendanceLeaders of at least two universities and the national college Republicans organization are moving to denounce white supremacist views after a member of at least one campus GOP chapter appeared to attend at a violent rally in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend.

    Man arrested in plot to bomb Oklahoma bank buildingThe Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, of Sayre, Oklahoma, on Saturday. According to a complaint, Varnell had initially planned to bomb the U.S. Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C., in a manner similar to the 1995 explosion at a federal building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people.

    Student, 18, Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Teacher's Life On Facebook: CopsDesiree Zio is charged with making written threats to kill or do bodily harm.

    Demolishing Beijing's 'disorderly' developmentBeijing's municipal government launched a campaign this year to eradicate what it called an "urban disease" of illegal construction and unsafe buildings in the city of nearly 22 million people.

    North Dakota offers to settle with Dakota Access developerBISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota regulators offered Monday to settle state allegations that the Texas-based developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline improperly reported the discovery of American Indian artifacts during construction.

    U.S. tax change proposals anger builders, realtors, charitiesWith U.S. Congress members focused during their August recess on finding ways to lower the corporate tax rate, industry groups and other sectors of society are gearing up to fight proposed changes to the personal income tax.

    'Donald Trump is trying to start a civil war,' warns former US Labor SecretaryDonald Trump is "trying to start a civil war", a former US Labor Secretary has claimed in the wake of the US President's inflammatory comments on the Charlottesville attacks. Robert Reich accused Mr Trump of licensing violence as a "political strategy" and quietly inciting a conflict between his core base of white, socially conservative voters and everyone else. It comes just hours after the former real estate mogul blamed "both sides" for the deadly violence in Virginia over the weekend in a historic press conference that drew condemnation from around the world.

    How To Wash Radioactive Material From Your Body After A Nuclear BlastAccording to certain guidelines, hair conditioner could bind radioactive material to your hair after exposure.

    Offshore drilling mergers raise hopes for sector recoveryBy Liz Hampton HOUSTON (Reuters) - Mergers among offshore oil drillers are raising hopes that consolidation could bring relief to a sector struggling to emerge from an industry downturn triggered by low crude prices. Transocean Ltd, one of the world's largest offshore drilling contractors, on Tuesday agreed to buy Norwegian rival Songa Offshore SE for $1.1 billion. The deal follows Ensco Plc's pending purchase of Atwood Oceanics Inc in a transaction valued at $839 million.

    Iraq readies to retake another IS bastion: officialsIraqi officials said Monday that preparations have been made for the battle to retake Tal Afar, a town held by the Islamic State jihadist group between Mosul and the Syrian border. The town is located 70 kilometres (43.5 miles) west of Mosul, where the jihadist group declared its "caliphate" in 2014 before being ousted from the city in July. "Hashed al-Shaabi commanders met Saturday with army and police commanders to decide on the plan to free Tal Afar," spokesman Ahmed al-Assadi told reporters.

    'It still fits': Engagement ring missing for more than a decade turns up on garden carrotA woman who was resigned to never seeing her beautiful engagement ring ever again - and had bought a smaller one as a replacement - was shocked when her daughter-in-law found it on a carrot. The family had harvested some carrots from their farm in Alberta, Canada, for dinner, and one had grown around the engagement ring, which was then pulled from the ground. Mary Grams, 84, had lost her beloved ring in 2004 while she was in the garden, and thought she would never see it again. "I recognized it right away," she said. Mary Grams, 84, got her missing ring back when her daughter-in-law found it while harvesting carrots on the family farm in Alberta, Canada. Credit:  CBC News She thinks she lost it while pulling a large weed from the garden. "We looked high and low on our hands and knees," she told CBC news.  "We couldn't find it. I thought for sure either they rototilled it or something happened to it." Mrs Grams has had the ring since 1951, a year before she married her husband, Norman.  Mary, 84, says she didn't know if they were kidding or not, but when her granddaughter brought the carrot over - she knew: "It's mine!"— Sarah Kraus Global (@SarahNKraus) August 15, 2017 The ring was found by her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley. "I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law," she said, "because no other women have lived on that farm. "I asked my husband if he recognized the ring. And he said yeah. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot." A few weeks after losing her engagement ring, Mary bought herself this one, much smaller, to replace it.— Sarah Kraus Global (@SarahNKraus) August 15, 2017  Mrs Grams said she is pleased the ring was found. "I'm going to wear it because it still fits," she said.

    Questions about lawyers' fees put El Chapo defense in limboNEW YORK (AP) — Private lawyers seeking to represent Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman in his U.S. drug-trafficking case failed to get assurances Monday that they'll get paid, leaving the Mexican drug lord's defense in limbo.

    What Is 'Whataboutism,' And Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?Since President Donald Trump’s political rise, pundits and news junkies have learned what seems like an entirely new vocabulary to discuss his rhetoric: gaslighting, alternative facts, fake news. Analysts have been dinging Trump for whataboutism for months, particularly in recent weeks. In fact, during a press conference on Tuesday, Trump spouted a textbook example of the practice.

    Sleuth Uses Promise of Pizza to Trick 4-Year-Old Girl's Alleged Captor Into Revealing His LocationA gamer in Britain was able to dupe the alleged captor, a father who fled to Arizona with the child after losing custody.

    Mischievous pup who found the wrong side of the law is still a very good dogWe all know all dogs are good dogs. It's a scientific fact. But sometimes they get in a bit of trouble. Maybe not arrested and thrown in the back of a police car kind of trouble, but they can be pretty sneaky. Don't be fooled — this pup is still very good, but he did take a little run in the wild that got him in a bit of a pickle. A very nice policeman brought him back in the only way he could — in the back of his cop car. Reddit user Ayayoska posted a photo of the extremely cute incident. SEE ALSO: Spoiled doggo with 5 dog beds prefers the floor This pup gave his pregnant owner a hard time! C'mon pup, you know better than that. Even though this little ride looks like a punishment, the doge looks like he couldn't possibly be having a better time. Just look at that smile. Even the policeman is having a great time with his new friend.  Everyone on Reddit loved these two, especially the policeman who got to hang out with the pup. Image: reddit Image: reddit Image: reddit Image: reddit Image: redditGood dog, good human. WATCH: Grownups will love riding this all-electric smart scooter but it comes at a hefty price

    Charlottesville: Donald Trump quietly slashed funds to groups fighting white supremacy months agoDonald Trump's decision to slash funding to counter right-wing extremism in the US is facing fresh scrutiny in the wake of the Charlottesville violence that left three people dead. The US President froze $10 million (£7.7m) of grants destined to fight violent extremism in the US back in May. More than 30 organisations had been pegged by former President Barack Obama’s office to receive the funding, but the White House put the grants on hold pending review soon after Mr Trump took office.

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un Shows off Guam Attack PlansKim said he would “watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees.”

    Flash floods hit Freeport Indonesia's mining operationsFlash floods have left one worker missing and caused extensive damage to a power plant at U.S.-owned miner Freeport Indonesia's operations in the eastern-most province of Papua, company officials said on Wednesday. Mining operations were continuing as normal, but power and water outages were expected in the coming days, the Indonesian unit of U.S. mining giant Freeport McMoran Inc. said in a statement. "One person remains unaccounted for after flash floods that occurred late Tuesday destroyed roads, bridges, water lines and most of the plant that supplies power to Tembagapura and Hidden Valley," the company said, warning employees to keep travel to a minimum.

    22 Crazy Twists On Frozen Banana Ice Cream

    Grace Mugabe accused of assaulting model in S. African hotelZimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe was under investigation by South African police Tuesday after she allegedly used an extension cord to assault a model in a Johannesburg hotel. The alleged attack threatened to spark a major diplomatic incident between the two countries, which have strong political and economic ties. The 52-year-old wife of President Robert Mugabe is accused of beating Gabriella Engels, 20, on Sunday evening at the hotel where her two sons were staying, leaving the victim with injuries to her forehead and the back of her head.

    The Latest: Children of slain deputy speak in courtCOUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) — The Latest on the sentencing of a man who killed a sheriff's deputy and wounded another while escaping from a western Iowa jail (all times local):

    Think Twice Before Cooking Tomatoes In Your Cast Iron SkilletA cast iron skillet is an integral tool in a home kitchen, but there are do’s and don’ts that must be respected.

    Too Much Protein Killed This 25-Year-Old WomanA post shared by • MEEGAN HEFFORD • (@meeganheff) on Nov 17, 2016 at 3:31am PST Protein, protein, protein is touted time and time again for its ability to help with weight-loss, but can too much be incredibly dangerous?According to the NY Post, for 25-year-old Meegan Hefford, it was.You May Also Like: 5 People Have Died After Doing This Weight-Loss TreatmentAs reported, the Australian mother of two and bodybuilder, who was prepping for a competition, "died after an overconsumption of protein shakes, ...

    T-Mobile just took a huge step towards beating Verizon once and for all

    This April, T-Mobile spent $8 billion on new low-band spectrum to improve its wireless network. As of right now, that network is online. A "cluster site" in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is the first place in the country to be lit up with T-Mobile's 600MHz LTE network.

    Neville Ray, T-Mobile's Chief Technology Officer, described the rollout as a "massive milestone" for T-Mobile, and one that should "materially close" T-Mobile's existing coverage gap with Verizon "by the end of the year."

    To call it a "massive milestone" is really an understatement. Normally, rolling out new spectrum takes years. Verizon, for example, bought 700MHz spectrum from the FCC in a similar auction in 2008, and didn't turn the network on until 2010. Ray said that "the FCC only granted the licenses in June, so to have the network online by much faster than anyone expected."

    600MHz spectrum is going to be a big deal for T-Mobile as it should finally fix the network's coverage problems. Cell networks operate across dozens of different "bands," and broadly speaking, the lower the frequency, the better the coverage. Lower-frequency radio waves travel further and penetrate objects better, which in the real world means superior coverage in rural areas and inside buildings -- everywhere that Verizon's network, thanks to a wealth of low-band spectrum, currently excels.

    The site in Wyoming that's live today is the first of many that should go live by the end of the year. The map above (from a FCC filing) shows where T-Mobile is planning on building out coverage to in 2017, and that includes 600MHz sites in Wyoming, Northwest Oregon, West Texas, Southwest Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, Western North Dakota, Maine, Coastal North Carolina, Central Pennsylvania, Central Virginia and Eastern Washington.

    Rolling out 600MHz is particularly challenging because in most cases, there are TV stations using the spectrum right now. Those stations are moving to different frequencies, and T-Mobile is paying out of its own pocket to accelerate the process.

    Unfortunately, all that doesn't mean that T-Mobile's customers are going to have fantastic service overnight. 600MHz isn't a frequency that's been used for LTE anywhere in the world before, so no current devices support it. Ray confirmed that "Samsung and LG will have phones in stores by the end of the year" that support 600MHz, and also said that "as T-Mobile gets more partners and devices, there will be a tidal wave of [600MHz compatible devices] in 2018." He also stressed that T-Mobile is putting" as much, if not more effort into devices than the network," but "the network has to come first."

    In other words: it's an exciting time to be a T-Mobile customer.

    Everywhere that T-Mobile's 600MHz network will reach within a few years


    600MHz isn't the only place that T-Mobile is working to improve its network, either. Right now, T-Mobile is deploying thousands of small cell sites across the US, all of which are compatible with License Assisted Access (LAA), a technology that uses Wi-Fi spectrum to achieve crazy-fast speeds. That will help with network congestion in places like airports and shopping malls, where thousands of devices can be trying to download a Snapchat at once.

    Ray also mentioned one piece of news to BGR that bodes well for the future: all the 600MHz radios that T-Mobile is deploying right now should be compatible with the 5G standard when it's finalized next year. T-Mobile has already committed to having a nationwide 5G network by the end of the decade, and this is is going to be a big part of it. When the 5G standards are finalized, T-Mobile shouldn't have to change anything on the cell towers to convert its 600MHz LTE network to 5G.

    The bottom line is simple. Right now -- depending on which benchmark you look at -- T-Mobile is equal or better than Verizon and AT&T on download speed, but a little behind in coverage. The record-speed 600Mhz deployment will close that coverage gap, and then some. At the same time, T-Mobile is building out much of the infrastructure that will power 5G in the coming years, all while also deploying advanced LTE tech that can deliver gigabit speeds right now. Verizon and AT&T are officially on notice.

    North Carolina protesters who tore down Confederate monument 'could face prosecution'The protesters who tore down a Confederate monument in North Carolina could face charges for the vandalism if local investigators are able to figure out their identities. Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews said that he was relieved nobody was hurt when the protesters wrapped a yellow strap around the Confederate Soldiers monument and pulled it off its pedestal. “Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority” Mr Andrews said in a statement.

    Who is George Papadopoulos, the Trump Campaign Adviser?George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to Trump's campaign, suggested the candidate meet with Russian leaders, The Washington Post reported on Monday evening. 

    Iran says its drones near U.S. vessels are safe, following rulesIran's powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) rejected U.S. criticism that it flew a drone unsafely near a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf and it defended its right to carry out air patrol missions in the area. On Monday the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command said that an Iranian drone had come within 1,000 feet (300 meters) of a U.S. aircraft carrier while it was in international waters in the Gulf conducting flight operations. Spokesman Lieutenant Ian McConnaughey said the Iranian drone "conducted an unsafe and unprofessional approach" as it passed by the USS Nimitz without navigation lights late on Sunday.